Could life and relationships be compared to a game of solitaire? If you start playing a game and it looks like it’s going to fail, pull the plug on it and start over with the next ‘game’. The game you quit on could possibly have worked, but the journey was very difficult and emotionally hard. It might work or it might fail or you could have spent a long time on making it work and have it destroyed in the end anyway. I have played a game like that and it’s too difficult. It’s surely time I deserve an easy, fulfilling ‘game’, I deserve better and a pleasant, enjoyable journey. It’s time I realise that returning to an old game is NEVER going to end well, it will fail, it will fail, it will fail. It will end up really badly for me.
Start a new game, use your judgement and if the game looks like it will fail, stop the game and start a new one. Remember you are only a player in this game. Play the game and try to enjoy it.